Giving people with vision loss the tools they need to secure a job they enjoy.

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Set Career Goals

From job search to a successful hire, we help people who are visually impaired obtain a position in the workforce.

Employment services include goal setting, career planning, benefits counseling, and job placement support.

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Get On the Job Support

Once you’ve landed the job, we offer ongoing employment support services for consumers and employers.

Employment services like job accommodation as well as adaptive technology assistance are offered to increase job retention and career advancement opportunities.

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Ensure Reasonable Accommodations

When it comes to successful employment, removing as many barriers as possible for people who are visually impaired is key.

By consulting on physical access, communications access, and adaptive technical assistance, we help employers adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility guidelines.

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Vision Resource Coalition

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ADA Accessibility Guidance

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Job Retention Support

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