Ways to stay active during a pandemic

In the midst of these very challenging times, everyone is being encouraged to stay home and practice social distancing. Each day we get updates telling us to shelter in place and only leave our homes for essential errands such as grocery shopping, work or pharmacy pickup. This does not include working out at the gym, participating in group sports or physical activities. 

As a result, it can be easy to become sedentary and it can lead to mental and physical health problems. Thinking of accessible and affordable ways to keep moving and healthy will become critical as we work our way through this crisis. Fortunately, for people with visual impairments, there are several ways of staying active during COVID 19


Dancing is a fun physical activity that can be done at home. Find a clear space where you can move freely without bumping into furniture or other objects. Create a playlist of your favorite high energy songs and get moving around the house. While the music is cranked up, move your body including arms, legs, feet, shoulders and back. As you move vigorously to the beat your heart rate will increase resulting in a great aerobic workout.

Blind Alive

If you have two left feet and dancing is not your thing check out Blind Alive. These free downloadable workouts will definitely keep you moving while sheltering in place. There are several options available such as cardio, yoga, pilates, stretches and meditation. You can download all workouts to your smartphone, desktop, laptop or even unzip them and place them on an NLS talking book cartridge. 

Accessible Exercise Apps

If you are techy there are accessible exercise apps on the market that you can use from home. Three iOS examples are Pocket Yoga, Carrot Fit and the Aaptiv Audio Exercise apps. 

Angel Eyes Fitness

For those that want a human personal touch but are trying to maintain social distancing Angel Eyes Fitness has the answer for you. They provide free virtual live workout classes via Zoom Conferencing for people that are blind and visually impaired. The classes are on the 2nd and 4th Saturday from 12 p.m. until 1 p.m. EST. Go to their website to preview their classes under the calendar link and connect to Zoom. No need to register or RSVP.

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Perhaps you already have an at home workout routine or schedule but just need to stay motivated and inspired. Join the Hadley  Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired’s get Up and Go Discussion Group. Each month a topic is discussed to encourage people to stay active no matter their level of vision. Participants can call in by phone or computer using Zoom conferencing.

Other Ways of Staying Active During COVID 19 

The ways to stay physically active at home are numerous.  Gardening, walking up and down stairs, completing household chores and taking a short brisk walk around the neighborhood keep the body moving. 

Whether you have been working out on a regular basis or just recently decided to get active, take note of the above suggestions and incorporate them into your life as we all continue staying active during COVID 19.