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Our Travel Trainer is certified through Easterseals Project Action Consulting (ESPAC) through the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida.

Travel trainers primarily teach people with disabilities, older adults, and interested travelers how to independently access and use public transportation. Travel trainers focus on knowledge of human development and behavior, a comprehensive understanding of various transportation systems and services, and teach the concepts of interaction with the natural and built environment along travel paths.

The travel trainer works with individuals to assess their needs. Once the plan is implemented, participants will develop skills needed to confidently and successfully assist individuals who want to learn how to ride buses in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

Program elements can include: A personalized trip planning system that is easy to access, and addresses the individual travel needs of each participant. This personalized service provides customers with information on all transportation options, so they can make educated choices for each of their trips.

Familiarize participants with their transportation options, including bus and other community-based transportation options.

Fixed-route vehicle familiarization services designed for individuals who need assistance and practical experience in boarding buses increase confidence and reduce unnecessary stressors.

How Travel Training Can Assist You

Completing an environmental analysis of the path of travel identifies environmental barriers, physical barriers, and social barriers that may impede transportation access.

Developing Safety Techniques and Confidence

The travel trainer provides skills-building in general safety tips for traveling with confidence. Skills may include:

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