Observe National Non Profit Day With Outlook

Today, we observe National Nonprofit Day by recognizing nonprofits and the powerful, changing work they do in our local communities. As a nonprofit, Outlook Enrichment provides services and programs for more than 15,000 people whose lives are impacted by vision loss in the Omaha area. We appreciate your generosity and use this day to acknowledge your support. Clients like Julia received peer support and adaptive technology training because of people like you.

Julia had not only lost her vision, but her spouse as well. Attending the support group was a huge benefit for her because she was able to share her story and find common ground with others. 

“I never thought I would need a support group in my life. However, attending the support group sessions connected me to others like me. They have my same issues or my same thoughts, and we’re able to share information on our good days and bad days. We share our success stories and the things that make us mad,” she said. “We can all relate although we’re different races too. We’re all sharing the same situations, and nobody is better than anybody else. We’re all in this together pretty much.”

She also received technical support and encouragement when her job started using Microsoft Teams. Our assistive technology department was familiar with the software and helped Julia learn the skills needed to complete her work duties in finance. She has been working at her job for about 18 years and hopes to retire in the next five. Once retired, Julia wants to pay it forward and volunteer at Outlook.

Peer support and adaptive technology are two of the many programs we offer to our clients. Recreational activities are also just as essential to regaining confidence and independence. Tanya, who was active in arts and culture, thought those days were over because of her vision loss. After contacting Outlook, she took advantage of the virtual game nights. During the Christmas holiday, she joined in on the celebration with virtual carol games. Then during Mother’s Day, she used her love of art and created a fairy garden.

“I put little fairies, a bridge with a pond, a dolphin cruising and some little mushrooms in my garden. I also got clear blue and green little smooth rocks to use as water,” Tanya describes. “It was so much fun. I look at it to this very day and it’s just growing and getting so big. I just love it. It just makes me feel good.”

Tanya also loved Outlook’s rock climbing event. Both her husband and son participated, turning it into a family affair. 

“I got to the top two times. Then when I did it the third time, I got tired. But they coached me to keep going,” said Tanya. “Then my husband and I went against each other going up together. I had a fun time.”

Honor National Nonprofit Day by helping more people with limited vision like these clients use their technology, socialize and increase their confidence. We get many calls from people losing their vision and family members seeking help. Your time, talent or treasure is needed today. Outlook’s technology training, art classes, peer support groups and other programs are not sustainable without your help. Donate while shopping through AmazonSmile or completing a donation form today.