Finding Outlook Creates New Path

It is Monday. Outlook Technology Trainer Mickie Saltzman heads to his desk in the training center. Contrary to other opinions, Monday is his favorite day of the week because of the exciting tasks that are coming up. Mickie turns on his laptop and prepares to meet his first client. He is confident in his abilities and is proud to have a career at Outlook Nebraska.

It was 2006. Mickie had spent the last two years living in Lincoln trying to find a job. Like other blind people, even with his college degree, Mickie found the job search difficult. “I was getting pretty discouraged,” he said. “I applied for so many jobs and was even searching for something outside of my computer programming career goal. Things began to improve when I learned about Outlook Nebraska.”

By December, Mickie had moved to Omaha and started his position in Outlook’s production facility. He enjoyed the consistency of the factory work and that he was finally earning a paycheck. But he wanted to keep learning. Mickie started operating the overwrap machine. He stayed curious about technology outside of Outlook’s manufacturing machines as well, discovering that there was a MacBook computer he could test out on his own time.

After learning how to use the MacBook, Mickie purchased one to have at home. This initiative and curiosity was noticed by Outlook staff. In 2017, a client wanted to learn how to use the MacBook, and Mickie was asked to do this training.

He became a quarter-time trainer, spending two hours each day working with clients. Now, his day is split equally between Outlook’s training center and production floor. “I an challenged and rewarded while working with clients, and I have been able to develop my own skills while helping others,” said Mickie.

Mickie is happy with his career and his life. He feels like he is making a difference and making his own path. “I bought a house last fall,” he said. “I never thought I would be able to do that. Things change, and each life change has been great. I enjoy what I do, and I would not be the person I am today without Outlook Nebraska.”