Making The Most Of iCloud Storage

iCloud is the Apple service that securely stores your photos, files, notes, passwords, and other data in the cloud and keeps it up to date across all your devices, automatically. iCloud also makes it easy to share photos, files, notes, and more with friends and family. You can also back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using iCloud.

You can share iCloud storage with up to five different people. All Apple devices that need to access one iCloud storage need to be logged into the same iCloud account.

As you upgrade devices you may want to check what devices are associated with your Apple account in the Apple ID settings. Here’s how to remove a device:

  1. Navigate to settings

  2. Tap the Apple ID and iCloud button

  3. Select the device name

  4. Select remove from account on the device information screen

When you set up iCloud, you automatically get five GB of free storage. You can use that storage space to back up your devices and to keep all your photos, videos, apps, documents, and text messages securely stored and updated everywhere. 

Depending on the size of your backups from all your devices and the amount of content you keep in iCloud, you might run out of free space. You can upgrade to iCloud+ or manage your storage by deleting content.

Here’s how to view your iCloud storage:

  1. Navigate to settings

  2. Tap your name

  3. Tap iCloud – the amount of your used iCloud storage is listed at the top

Here’s how to determine what is and is not stored in iCloud:

  1. Navigate to settings

  2. Tap your name

  3. Tap on iCloud – here, you can swipe down through all the items to choose what is being saved to the iCloud

You control the items iCloud stores. You’ll need to be consistent with each device to access all items from iCloud. For example, if you want all of your photos stored in iCloud, you’ll need to make sure each device knows to do this with all photos.

If you have turned on or off a number of apps, you now may want to completely back up your device. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings > [your name], and tap iCloud

  2. Tap iCloud Backup

  3. Tap Back Up Now – under Back Up Now, you’ll see the date and time of your last backup. If you get an alert that you don’t have enough iCloud storage space to complete the backup, follow the onscreen steps to buy more storage or delete some items to try again.

iCloud+ gives you premium features and additional storage. Additional features include iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email and HomeKit Secure Video support. You can upgrade to iCloud+ on any Apple device. There are currently three iCloud+ plans to choose from.

You can also access your storage through iCloud for Windows on your pc computer. To look at iCloud from any device just go to and sign in with your Apple username and password. 

You can review all the items you have chosen to save on your devices. This is also where you can review your photos to delete duplicates or ones you no longer need. Saving documents, notes, and saving contacts can also be done through 

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