How to assist – or not assist – a person with vision loss

At Outlook Enrichment, we believe it’s important to reach out to the general public and those with vision loss through education and advocacy. Meet the Blind Month happens every year in October. Our hope is to also foster independence and self-confidence within the blind and low vision community. If you are someone with sight, you might want to help carry this goal forward. Here are some general do’s and don’ts when interacting with someone who cannot see or see well.


















We hope this list will help anyone meeting a person with vision loss for the first time. Remember people who cannot see or cannot see well go to appointments, work and take care of their families like everyone else. They just find alternative techniques to accomplish certain tasks. Think about the questions you ask and remember people with limited vision have more in common with you than you realize. Outlook Enrichment can give you additional tools and tips to support your loved one with vision loss. Check out our peer support groups to learn more.