How the blind or visually impaired can use the Uber app

What would you do if one day you lost your vision completely? How would you drive? How would you get from one place to another? You can always ask a friend or family member to give you a ride. Or you can take public transportation.

Luckily for today’s modern age, technology helps the blind with everything from reading emails to navigating a store. The smartphone is one piece of technology increasing independence for people with vision loss. Software on a smartphone makes it possible for the blind to easily use a variety of apps, including  Uber.

What’s Uber? 

Uber connects riders with drivers. An individual can request a ride from their location to their destination all through their smartphones — correct – it kind of sounds like a taxi.

What makes Uber different is they do not own the vehicles or manage fleets. They use independent drivers and their own cars to provide transportation. All they do is provide the app that connects the drivers to their passengers.

How can blind or visually impaired people use Uber?

Uber is on a mission to help blind and visually impaired people become more independent with their transportation. They have a variety of features that make sure you or blind loved one can schedule a ride, pay without problems and feel safe. 

How are you able to schedule a ride? 

Blind or visually impaired individuals can schedule their rides through their smartphones. The Uber app is compatible with VoiceOver iOS and Android TalkBack. You do not have to talk to someone to schedule your ride.

VoiceOver iOS & Android TalkBack

1. Double tap the “Where to?” box. Enter a destination, or select from a list of suggested destinations.

2. Your pickup location is automatically set to your GPS location. To change it, double tap it to edit your location.

3. swipe through the vehicle options available in your area. double tap one to select it for your ride.

4. double tap the “CONFIRM PICKUP” button at the bottom of your screen to request your ride.

5. You will receive ETA updates and a notification when your Driver arrives. The message will be read aloud.

6. double tap the contact driver button to access the following options:

– Contact your driver – double tap the round phone icon call your driver’s phone number or place a free call 

-To Cancel your ride, double tap the “Cancel” button and then double tap the “Yes, cancel” button to confirm.

-Share your status – double tap the “Share Status” button, then select people from your list of contacts. Uber texts a link to those contacts to track your ride.

-Split the fare – double tap the “Split Fare” button and select a contact

If you do not know how to use VoiceOver iOS or Android TalkBack, you can schedule an appointment with Outlook Nebraska. We have professionals who can guide you step by step on how to operate VoiceOver iOS and Android Talkback. They can also give you or your visually impaired loved one the 101 on how to set up an account and how to use the Uber app. 

How can I pay for my ride?

When using Uber, you will not have to worry about carrying cash to pay your driver. The app has a cashless payment option. You can get your account payment set up to go through a card or other online payment service. This process eases an individuals mind because they don’t have to worry about  exchanging money with their drivers. 

Thanks to accessibility apps for the blind and visually impaired, individuals can remain independent. You can get to your doctor appointments and easily travel to work. Schedule an appointment with our mobile device trainers. To learn how to use voice control to operate these devices independently without vision.