Fitness Activities

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Enrichment offers four whole family activities a year. Often, these family activities are the first interactions youth will have with Outlook Enrichment.

Parents of blind youth and parents who have vision loss turn to Enrichment to provide accessible opportunities to engage in recreation opportunities and experience vision loss from the perspective of their loved ones.


Youth Programs

Physical activity is essential for everyone, especially kids. Studies have shown that blind children are less physically active than their peers. Once a month, we offer visually impaired young people an opportunity to get up and get moving through youth recreational adventures.


Outlook Enrichment aims to provide a wide range of unique opportunities to keep visually impaired youth fit, engage in the community, and boost self-confidence.


Activities change every year to provide exposure to new and diverse experiences. All activities are led by Enrichment’s adaptive sports specialists and can accommodate for the various types of vision loss and a wide range of additional disabilities our youth may have.

Some of our past recreational events included Tree Top Adventures, skiing, paddle boarding, soccer, ax throwing, and much more….

These activities expose teens to the kind of play that helps them overcome barriers they might face while introducing them to peers who understand visual challenges.

Other Benefits

Our activities provide social opportunities with peers their age, foster independence, and teach essential life skills. Additionally, youth develop relationships with other youth peers, providing friendship, a sense of community, and giving them a sense of belonging that they may not have otherwise. Often participants may be the only student in their school with vision loss leading to isolation and loneliness.


A nominal, non-refundable registration fee is charged when you reserve a spot.

Program Requirements

All participants need to complete Image and Audio Consent and Medical & Liability Release Forms. News media or other media outlets not affiliated with Outlook Enrichment may be present at an event.

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