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For many of Outlook Enrichment’s consumers, losing vision meant eliminating many of the hobbies and crafts that they once did. Vision loss creates a significant barrier to completing hobbies such as painting, crocheting, and other artistic outlets.

Our team provides opportunities in various crafts and hobby areas to open the door for our consumers to understand if there is a will, there is a way they can still participate in activities they love.

Participants enjoy the arts, from painting in the park to jewelry making, by using adaptive techniques. They learn different, and often tactile, ways to bring their artistic vision into reality.

Hobby-based activities are also a part of our Color Outside the Lines programming. Gardening and plant care are areas of interest that many of our participants continue to enjoy after their vision loss.

Participants have enjoyed our classes on plant care, creating fairy gardens, and seed starting, giving them the opportunity to actively care for another living thing.

One of the most popular classes we offer lends itself to exploring other senses such as smell, touch, and texture in our adaptive soap making classes. Participants are exposed to the world of aromatherapy and learn the elements and skills of making soaps, salts, lotions, and even perfume.

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