Amazon Shopping Tips

The holiday season is in full swing and online shopping has never been more convenient. One of the most popular sites to score bargains and fast shipping is Amazon. From getting the perfect gifts for your loved ones and supporting your favorite nonprofit with ease, Amazon will have you checking off your holiday shopping list in a breeze! Check out these tips to have you shopping like an Amazon pro in no time.

Get to Know the Layout of the Amazon Website and App

Both the website and the Amazon iOS app are accessible with a screen reader and screen magnification software, with the website offering a more reliable experience. The website offers an intuitive layout including properly labeled elements and easy navigation by heading and common shortcut keys to find edit boxes and relevant information.

The Amazon iOS app is also fairly easy to navigate with an easy to locate search box at the top of the app and various tabs across the bottom. Once a search is initiated product titles are labeled with headings for easy navigation with both Voice Over and screen magnification.

Additionally, Amazon offers Disability Customer Support options via their website including obtaining additional assistance via phone and chat.

Read The Product Descriptions Carefully

Once you’ve located the perfect product, be sure to read both the product information and features and details sections for the product listing. Sometimes these sections will offer different information regarding the product you are considering, especially clothing items. Some product descriptions are better than others, so our next tip will help you obtain even more information.

Check the Product Reviews and Customer Questions

Amazon is well known for the detailed reviews its customers leave on products. This is arguably  where you will find the most valuable information for your product including quality, fit/feel of the fabric and even descriptions of how the product looks and operates. Additionally, you will find a customer questions section where you can find answers to commonly asked questions, or you may even submit your own question before purchasing the product.

Use Your Resources

Despite all of the detailed information provided on the product information page, it can still leave you with some questions. Luckily there are now 2 resources available for on-demand sighted assistance. Both Aira and Be My Eyes offer sighted assistance via an app on your smartphone. Aira has trained agents that provide visual interpreting and Be My Eyes has sighted volunteers available for assistance. Aira has options for both paid and limited complimentary service while Be My Eyes is completely free. To learn more about each service, check out the Aira and Be My Eyes websites.

Review the Return Policy

Sometimes no matter how detailed your research is on a product, it is necessary to return an item. Be sure to read the return policy for each item you purchase. Most items have free returns, however some products from third party sellers on Amazon will require you to pay to ship the item back, or in some cases may charge a restocking fee.

Support Outlook Enrichment with Amazon Smile

Did you know Amazon donates a percentage of all eligible purchases to your favorite nonprofit? Be sure to learn how to designate Outlook Enrichment as your nonprofit of choice while you shop on Amazon this holiday season! Happy shopping!