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The statistics are shocking. The number of people with visual impairments living in our community is three times greater than the number of homeless individuals, yet they are invisible. 1 in 4 adults in the US are at high risk for serious vision loss, which means someone in your life — a loved one, a dear friend, a colleague, maybe even you — is at risk of becoming legally blind.

Our mission is to positively impact everyone who is blind or visually impaired.

We do this in a few different ways. We’re the largest employer in a 7-state region, creating jobs for blind and visually impaired individuals. We offer adaptive technology training that connects those who can’t see or those losing their sight to their support system and the rest of the world. We hold art, cultural and recreational events for people with vision disabilities of all ages so they can experience something they’ve always wanted to do. We lead the way in providing educational opportunities for those with visual impairments and their loved ones so they know where to turn for help. We lead the Vision Resource Coalition that brings together more than 25 local agencies that serve the blind and visually impaired and hold the Visually Impaired Community Resource Fair.

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Make a Donation

“Thank you for making it possible for visually impaired people of all ages to be able to enjoy something in which we do not often have the chance to participate and would not be able to do alone.”

– Visually Impaired Client

“Because of the enrichment activities offered by Outlook Nebraska, we feel very fortunate to be living and raising a child with a visual impairment in Omaha. Outlook Nebraska works so hard to spread a positive image of blindness throughout the community.”

– Parent of Visually Impaired Client

“To me, Outlook Nebraska’s success is running very thoughtful programs that have enough services to really help people.”

– Outlook Nebraska Donor

“Talking about the pervasiveness of visual impairment in the community is really important. Sometimes people don’t realize how common it is and how few resources there are.”

– Outlook Nebraska Donor

Other Ways to Show Support

Your Donation at Work

Your support allows us to do everything from offset the cost of adaptive technology training to  sending a teen to a weeklong summer camp. More than 75% of those we serve come from low to moderate income households. Your donations have the power to change lives forever.

For $50, you can provide an hour of adaptive technology training for a visually impaired person.

For $75, you can fund a visually impaired teen’s participation in an adapted recreation activity.

For $100, you can provide a smartphone app that a blind person can use to read print materials.

For $150, you can subsidize a smart device purchase for an adaptive technology training client.

For $200, you can purchase a refurbished computer with software a visually impaired person can use independently.

For $250, you can make audio description services available for one theatrical production.

For $500, you can cover the cost for five people to try digital eyewear potentially overcoming vision loss

For $2,750, you can support a blind student to attend Camp Abilities Nebraska.

Launch a Community Donation Program

If you’re interested in making a greater impact with your donation, consider launching a paper products drive. If you’d like to participate in a current drive, head to our Community Donation Program page.

Outlook Nebraska is a 501(c)(3) organization, therefore all or part of your contribution may be tax-deductible.  Your help is paramount to our work. Every dollar makes a difference. Please help today.

We’d like to give a warm Thank You to all of our generous donors and partners who help us improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired residents in our community.

Our Funds

When you donate to the General Fund, your contribution will be directed to where the need is greatest. However, if you wish to limit, or designate, your gift to a specific area of our mission, you may choose a defined fund. Our Fund Development team would be honored to discuss options with you to ensure your wishes are met with the greatest benefit to the mission.

General Fund

Gifts will be allocated where the impact is greatest. This fund is provided for all contributions given to Outlook Nebraska without a specific intention or purpose.  They are undesignated and unrestricted.

Employment Growth Fund

Gifts will help support the employment opportunities and job readiness of people who are blind and visually impaired. This may be within the existing enterprise, or may be innovative employment areas identified by the organization as it grows and expands.

Enrichment Fund

Gifts will help support the Enrichment Programs offered at Outlook Nebraska:  adaptive technology training, cultural experiences, recreational opportunities, and, community awareness and engagement for the needs and capacities of individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Capital Vision Fund

Gifts will provide the start-up or supportive funding for capital improvements, such as building enhancements and asset purchases when the opportunity arises.  The expenditure of these funds will be approved by the Board of Directors.

The Legacy Fund

Gifts will support the sustainability and perpetuity of the mission of the organization. Within this permanently restricted fund, the principal is invested according to the Board-approved investment policy and the expenditures of the investment income.

Our Community Partners