Tandem Bike Club

Image of sighted captain and visually impaired rider on tandem bike, smiling at each other.

Outlook Enrichment has a tandem bike club and we invite you to join. Blind and visually impaired adults will be partnered with sighted volunteer captains as you pedal your way in a fun, challenging and welcoming atmosphere. Feel the wind across your face; feel your heart pounding; feel another barrier breaking as you glide with your partner on a bike trail.

If you would like to volunteer to be a sighted tandem bike captain for a visually impaired rider for any of our rides, please register today as well. Most of our captains have a passion for biking or serving others or being a part of the Outlook family. If that sounds like you, we are happy to teach you the rest.

There is a $10 registration fee for each ride. Sighted captains ride for free. 

We want our rides to be fun, but it’s also so important that we stay safe. Our adaptive sports specialists have put a lot of thought into making sure these rides are both accessible and in line with today’s COVID-19 related safety measures. For upcoming events we will adapt as follows:

  • Bikes will be sanitized before and after each ride
  • Masks will be available for volunteers and participants
  • Hand sanitizer will be available
  • Meeting in smaller groups or at staggered time slots

If you feel safer, we encourage you to bring your own bike captain. They can join the fun by registering as a volunteer sighted captain.

For planning purposes, we will require participants to register for these rides by the deadlines listed. However, you will not be charged the $10 registration fee until a couple days before the ride incase we have to cancel due to safety concerns.

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