The importance of enrichment programs

Vision loss should not keep you from doing the things you love. There are tons of individuals who aren’t letting vision loss stop them from following their passions.

Olympic athletes, professionals and creative individuals keep pursuing the hobbies they enjoy. Even with vision loss, you or your family member can keep doing what you love or find a new interest in Outlook Enrichment programs.

What are enrichment programs?

Enrichment programs are programs that are designed to teach or improve skills for someone. For visually impaired or blind individuals, these programs are designed to teach how to use technology, try something new or even build confidence.

The benefits of enrichment programs

Learn how to use technology for visually impaired

Are you or your child visually impaired and unable to use technology? Because of Outlook Nebraska’s enrichment programs, people with vision loss can navigate the digital world with a smartphone, computer or other device.

Our adaptive technology training helps you experience the technology for visually impaired or blind before purchasing the device for yourself. By learning how to use this technology, you can gain skills that can be used your job or even getting around your city.

Stay active and learn teamwork skills.

One great benefit about enrichment programs is getting the chance to play a sport, build confidence and meet some new friends along the way. Getting and staying active is important for everyone, especially kids.

According to research, children who participate in regular physical activities are more likely to have an active lifestyle in adulthood. Unfortunately, children with disabilities aren’t as active as children with disabilities.

Our enrichment programs are available to both kids and adults. Participants in our youth recreation programs socialize and gain confidence. Once a month, teens scuba dive, zip-line, ski and play Goalball, a Parolympic sport for the visually impaired.

Adults also have a chance to keep doing what they love with adult recreation programs! Each quarter, adults have opportunities to stay active. From basketball to goalball, a visually impaired or blind adult experiences these sports while building self-confidence and life skills.

Let creativity shine.

Paintings, sculptures and theater are all the things that might come to your mind when you hear the word art. People with vision loss often miss out on art and theater because these activities are not accessible to them.

The solution is getting a chance to touch and create art. At Outlook Nebraska, we have an enrichment program that gives individuals with vision loss the opportunity to use their creativity and hands to create works of art. Art creation relieves stress and boosts self-esteem.

Trying something new shouldn’t be a scary thing to do for individuals with vision loss . Let Outlook Nebraska’s enrichment programs build your confidence and help you find a fun hobby. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming enrichment programs.

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