Job opportunities for the blind: Finding the right fit

No matter who you are, searching for a job can be challenging. However, blind and visually impaired people face unique challenges when it comes to seeking employment. There are plenty of excellent job opportunities for an individual with a visual impairment, but it may take some extra effort to find one that is the right fit. 

According to the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), 35 percent of people with low vision are employed. It is not because people with vision loss don’t have qualifications. The reason is employers do not understand how people with a visual impairment can fit to the business. Here’s what you should search for in a job when you have a visual impairment.

Accommodating environment

The most important thing is an environment where you are going to feel like part of the team, and you won’t have to fight to be seen as an equal. Your potential employers should be open to learning about your needs and should be willing to buy the necessary equipment to accommodate you at work. There is adaptive technology that can help you accomplish your work like; screen-readers software, screen magnifiers, and text to speech scanners. 

Safe workplace

It’s important that you or your loved one with vision loss feels comfortable navigating in a workplace. You do not want to accidentally trip on stairs or go through the wrong door because of lack of signage. Employers should take into consideration the necessary accommodations that the office needs for anyone with a visual impairment. 

You should ask an employer if their work place is accessible or how they can improve it. Individuals who are blind should have safe walkways to navigate. Also, there should be Braille signs on the doors and any office equipment to help with daily tasks. For people who have low vision, the office should have plenty of lighting and door frames in a color that contrasts. 

Suits your skills

The range of jobs available for blind people is huge, and just like a sighted person, you shouldn’t have to settle for a job that doesn’t appropriately make use of your skills. If you have an education in a certain field or specialize in a certain niche service, look for jobs that will support that and provide you with opportunities to grow. 

Here is a wide range of jobs for people who are blind or visually impaired 

Finding a good place to work can be challenging, but luckily, most employers are becoming more disability-friendly and are offering the appropriate accommodations. If you want to prepare for your next interview by learning how to use new adaptive technology, let Outlook Nebraska help. 

We have professionals who will take you step by step to increase your knowledge of the different software programs available for blind or visually impaired individuals. You will be able to navigate your way through computers confidently and increase your independence. Contact us today to schedule you free one-on-one training.