Increase your donation’s impact with a company match request

Most people love a good cause and want to give back to their community. This is usually achieved through giving a monetary donation. The impact of this kind of gift can go even farther and accomplish even more through a company match program. Companies financially match donations their employees make to nonprofit organizations as part of their corporate philanthropy. When an employee makes a donation, they’ll request the matching gift from their employer, who then makes their own donation. This raises the value to double, triple or more than the employee’s original contribution, increasing the impact.

Request a corporate match

When you request a corporate match on your donation, everyone wins. Non-profit organizations, such as Outlook Enrichment, will receive two donations for the work of one. You, as a donor, will love knowing your gifts went twice as far. Lastly, your company will fulfill their corporate social responsibility goals by contributing to and engaging with non-profits.

Working for a socially responsible employer boosts company morale, productivity and connection with the community at large. Employers providing an opportunity for a company match increase contribution and encourage employees to exceed their company’s philanthropic objectives while giving more dollars to their favorite charities. When your employer pledges to match your donation, it improves their reputation and corporate citizenship.

Reach out to your human resources department to initiate the employer match process. They will provide additional information, resources and documentation to fill out.

Workplace Giving Programs

Workplace giving is a simple and efficient way to make tax-deductible donations to the charities you care about with donations taken directly out of your paycheck. Depending on your place of work, match donations via credit card, vacation time and other methods might also be available. 

Not only is participating in workplace giving easy and convenient, your donation can be matched and is more cost effective and efficient for Outlook Enrichment than other methods. The cost of participating in a workplace giving campaign is far below the cost that would be sustained from a campaign for the same money. Your donation enables Outlook to spend more time and resources on services and programs for the visually impaired . Additionally, charities like Outlook have been predetermined and already vetted, meaning it meets all corporate and legal requirements. 

Donation matching

A generous donor has challenged Outlook’s supporters to increase their funding of the mission. They will match donations that you gift up to $40,000. Every dollar becomes two dollars. Every dollar becomes three dollars with an employee match! Will you accept the challenge and help us maximize our match? Donate now with one easy click.