Good Maps And A Comparison Of Explore And Outdoors

GoodMaps develops Digital maps for both indoor and outdoor use. Founded in 2019 and based out of Louisville, Ky., American Printing House for the Blind created GoodMaps (previously named Access Explorer) with a simple mission: to further the cause of accessible navigation, particularly indoor navigation. 

This article will compare some of the most important features of their Popular GPS apps – GoodMaps Explore and GoodMaps Outdoors. Both apps are free to download and use for Android and iPhone users.

Explore was developed first primarily for indoor usage through their specialized mapping system. Some of the key features of Explore include:

This app helps you navigate indoor locations. While this form of navigation is still in development, indoor navigation uses geo-referenced images through a camera-based Positioning System to determine a user’s position. GoodMaps Explore can locate where you are in a room within 2-inches to one meter of accuracy. This is a substantial improvement over the accuracy provided by GPS (which is 8-10M outdoors), Bluetooth trilateration (4-5M), and other approaches.

Another advantage to this approach is that venue owners are able to update and customize their indoor maps, ensuring that point of interest data is always up to date. You can even virtually go to any location, allowing you to explore the surrounding area without physically being there. This is similar to how a sighted person might use the street view aspects of a mapping program.

Another cool feature of this app is that you can launch Be My Eyes within the app. Be My Eyes is an app that connects a Blind user with a sighted volunteer. Through your phone’s camera and microphone, the volunteer provides access to visual information and additional information in situations where sighted assistance is needed.

Download GoodMaps Explore from the Appstore or Google play store and try it out.

GoodMaps Outdoors was originally acquired from Aira, previously called Seeing Eye GPS. This outdoor navigation app provides detailed intersection information and turn-by-turn Navigation. Some of the features of Outdoors include:

Outdoors also contains a variety of settings that allow you to customize what items are spoken and even how they are displayed. The user can set specific items such as arrival distance. This will provide notifications upon arrival at a destination. For example, options from fifty feet to one hundred feet can be selected. This may be useful when needing to locate venues that may not be listed on the map such as kiosks, ATMs, walking paths etc.

Good Maps Outdoors also provides a variety of Low vision display settings such as Black/white, white/black and yellow/black.

You can download GoodMaps Outdoors from the App store and the google play store.

Both Explore and outdoors contain similar items. However, Outdoors focuses on outdoor navigation such as planning a pedestrian or vehicular route based on a point of Interest, street address or even a wave point, GPS coordinates that the user can create and name. You must create an account to use Outdoors. GoodMaps automatically saves all the user route information, wave points, and other data to the cloud for ready access.

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