Braille Training

A woman sitting at a table reads Braille from a piece of paper in front of herOur Curricula

Exercises are carefully planned to increase the sensitivity of the fingertips; this sensitivity is a crucial aspect of developing skills to read braille.

Each lesson introduces a topic/concept and provides clear examples. Lessons build upon each other and are organized to reference basic braille concepts and rules.


Consumers in the program engage in two 1-hour weekly sessions with an adaptive technology trainer. 


Benefits of Braille
Learning braille adds to your toolbox for navigating the world. Invented in 1824 by Louis Braille, this method allows you to take in information with your fingers.

Refreshable braille displays: are you feeling me?
As an electro-mechanical device, a refreshable braille display allows users to receive input and output via braille in this digital age. Refreshable braille devices display the braille characters along a flat surface using raised dots.

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