Find Just The Right Gift for Your Visually Impaired Loved One

As we finish our last nibbles of Thanksgiving dinner, many of us have Christmas shopping in the back of our minds. We tell ourselves that we still have time, and then we blink and find ourselves in the middle of December with a long shopping list and very few purchases made. If you have a visually impaired loved one in your life, it can sometimes be challenging to find just the right gift for them.

Check out these awesome gift ideas for the visually impaired I learned about from an accessible gift workshop this fall put on by the American Counsel of the Blind. The workshop was presented by Denise Russell, owner of Speak To Me Catalog. The company began in 1994 and was one of the first to offer an online shopping experience.

One particular kitchen product that caught my attention was the Beeping Egg Musical Timer. When placed in water with your eggs, this timer will play different melodies Depending on how hard your eggs are boiled.

If your loved one favors chips as a tasty snack, they can easily make their own oil free, fat free, guilt free potato chips with the healthy Potato Chip Maker/ slicer. This gadget allows you to make healthy potato chips right in your own kitchen. The clear container has a fun green lid. Use the slicer to thinly slice potatoes. Microwave the bowl and then serve healthy chips from that very same bowl.

As a visually impaired person, I understand the importance of having an accessible thermometer at my fingertips. The Talking Probe thermometer has a Stainless Steel Probe that you can place in Water to track liquid temperature, or use it to get your Air Temperature. Speak To Me also has a Talking Fast Reading Digital Thermometer with a digital display screen that shows your temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, while simultaneously speaking an accurate reading of your body temperature.

If your visually impaired family member is also diabetic, Speak To Me has easy-to-use talking glucose meters for checking blood glucose levels. Whether you are looking for a talking blood pressure cup, a scale that speaks in Spanish and English, or even a Pedometer that keeps track of calories burned and steps walked, this company has everything your family member needs when it comes to accessible medical products.

Does the visually impaired person in your life need a way to take simple notes independently? The Voice Recognition KeyChain allows you to use your own voice to retrieve voice memos that you record on the digital Recorder Keychain. The Olympus Stereo 4GB Digital Recorder can also be used for voice memos and other things; it can hold up to 4GB of high Quality stereo sound. Record phone numbers, to-do lists, reminders, and even the random ideas that you do not want to forget.

While you can certainly find some of these products at different places, the Speak To Me company offers a unique variety of accessible products for the Blind and visually impaired. So, don’t let time slip away this holiday season. You can start shopping for your visually impaired loved one today by visiting or by calling 800-248-9965

Written by: Mickie Saltzman, ONI Finisher II and Assistive Technology Trainer

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