Jane’s Story


My name is Jane. This is my story of how vision loss took away pieces of my life—and how you gave them back through your support of Outlook Enrichment. 

Macular degeneration affected multiple members of my family, so I was not surprised when I received my own diagnosis. I was young, and vision problems seemed far away.  

I married and worked several jobs before starting my own antique business. My business partner and I were very successful, renting spaces in Omaha, Council Bluffs and Ashland. But in the 1990s, my friends began reading my own price tags to me because I could no longer see them. Eventually, I couldn’t identify dishes and other items in my store. My loss of vision forced me to give up the business I loved

Over time, I learned to do many tasks such as cooking with very little sight. But I could not use a phone or check my finances without help because I did not use technology. My husband supported me, being my eyes when I needed them. After being referred to Outlook Enrichment, I began adaptive technology training in 2019. In the beginning, my husband drove me to sessions, but then his health began to decline, and he moved to a memory care unit. I had to manage transportation and other daily affairs on my own. 

Thanks to donors like you, I learned how technology can help someone who can’t see well live on their own. I now use my iPhone to call family, order groceries and request an Uber if I need to get to a doctor’s appointment. Your support ensured I found resources and solutions at Outlook Enrichment.  

Even through this pandemic, Outlook Enrichment has been there for me. With your support, I have been doing technology training remotely since March. I recently started managing my finances with my bank’s app, giving me another layer of independence. 

But my learning will not stop here. I plan to continue training with Outlook. I want to reclaim my passion and start a digital antique business. I know I can learn how to use apps like Facebook and websites like Craigslist to get my business going again, and I will do this because of your generous gifts

Your contribution to Outlook Enrichment will help others like me who live with vision loss continue doing what they love. The adaptive technology training I received so far gives me confidence. My vision loss no longer holds me back from living my life. 

Finding Outlook Enrichment opened so many doors for me. This is my life now because you support Outlook Enrichment’s programs. 

Help people with limited vision reclaim their passion and grow their confidence like I did. Help them increase their self-sufficiency, explore new experiences and do what most people take for granted. The accessible art programs, technology training and recreational activities for all ages are not sustainable without community support. Those of us living with vision loss depend on people like you to keep those doors of opportunity open

Severe vision loss affects over 15,000 people in our metro area—enough to fill the CHI Center Arena—and interferes with daily living activities and employment. This population will more than double because of the prevalence of diabetes and our aging population. Your donation helps our neighbors living with vision loss and blindness live life independently, confidently engage in their communities, and continue to do the things they love with Outlook Enrichment’s programs. 

  • Your gift of $100 provides two hours of adaptive technology training like I received. 
  • Your gift of $250 lets those with low vision try cutting-edge digital eyewear to make their work and play time easier. 
  • Your gift of $500 covers an audio describer so people like me can enjoy local performing arts experiences. 
  • Your gift of $20 a month for one year—just $240—allows three visually impaired teens to 
  • participate in recreational activities like scuba diving, zip-lining or tandem biking. 

Your contribution to Outlook Enrichment of any amount positively impacts someone who is—or will become—visually impaired. We hope you’ll choose to help Outlook Enrichment by donating to sustain these programs in our community. 


Jane Gates 

P.S. Because of Outlook Enrichment’s programs, I know I can do anything, regardless of my vision loss. I now have the tools to keep my antique passion alive. You or someone you love could experience vision loss. Help ensure the resources they need will be there when it happens. Donate to Outlook Enrichment today. 

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Whether you’re a new donor, regular donor or past donor, you can double the hours of programs and services your gift provides people in our community who live with vision loss.

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