Digital Eyewear Demonstrations

Image of man trying eSight digital eyewear at an event.

Digital eyewear helps those who have experienced vision loss regain their sight, allowing them to notice things like the finer details in a family photo, or a subtle expression on a friend’s face. We provide personal demonstrations of the different devices so you can find the one that works for you. Just know that we don’t sell any of the devices that are available on the market and that no device has been approved for driving.

Demo one of the following eyewear in a private 2-hour session:

eSight Eyewear: Imagine having a condition like macular degeneration, Stargardt’s, glaucoma, RP or another vision loss malady, yet being able to see clearly. eSight is the first ever eyewear to incorporate a high definition digital camera into a headset frame, allowing for magnification, contrast and other adjustments to accommodate those with low vision. The camera, which is centered over the nose and integrated into the device, projects real time video onto miniature screens that are immediately in front of the wearer’s eye. If a CCTV works for you, then the 26x magnification capacity of eSight will as well. You also have the option to connect a TV or computer directly to the eyewear.

At the evaluation, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Current prescription including pupil distance
  • Current acuity (20/200, etc.)
  • Vision condition causing vision impairments

NuEyes: It’s never been easier to have clear vision while effortlessly controlling your head-worn display technology than with NuEyes. This light-weight, wireless eyewear offers hands-free features like voice recognition and Text To Speech, allowing you to truly interact with your device. The front camera delivers autofocus, allowing for automatic focus between near and far objects. Things will look clearer with the 12x magnification and contrast that’s integrated into the device’s screens. Prices vary among different models. Not currently eligible for insurance coverage.

Enchroma: If you’ve never witnessed the deep green color of a child’s eyes, or the striking red of a flower or the vibrant shade of leaves due to color blindness, or a more appropriate term, color vision deficiency, then Enchroma will help bring back color into your life. With 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women experiencing color vision deficiency, the Enchroma glasses have the potential to help millions of people see the appropriate colors, including you.

Since space is limited to five demonstrations per month we encourage you to fill out the appointment request.

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